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Rabu, 05 Agustus 2009


Before man invented fire and before dinosaurs roamed the land, sharks ruled our oceans. With no remorse and no mercy, these cold blooded killers have been commanding their aquatic kingdom with an iron dorsal fin, feeding on the weak,and growing stronger in preparation for their inevitable assault againts all bi-pedal land-based mammals.
Until now, the sharks have been biding their time, making conspicuous appearances in nature documentary specials, Hollywood movies, videogames, and our favorite episode of Happy Days. Like true predators, they have been coyly playing with their future food, luring us into a fasle sense of security - and convincing us that mankind still safely on top of the food chain. But we know what these beady-eved beasts are really up to. With each passing day, the shark apocalypse draws nearer, and every breath we take as free men could be our last. That's why GamesRadar isi taking an emergency timeout next week to teach you everything you need to know about sharks.

So get ready to sink your teeth into delicious features covering the deadliest in game shark attacks, test your knowledge of toothsome shark sprites, and educate yourself on the proper use of a Game Shark. While you're at it, spend a moment each day to think about how each of our dangerous game-themed features can help you survive a real life emergency. We wish we could speak more directly about the imminent threat sharks pose to humanity and what you can do about it, but we've just learned that the sharks now have access to the internet. They're studying us for signs of weakness, you see. So unfortunately, it'll be up to you to connect the dots and decipher our coded warnings yourself. But make no mistake. it's only a matter of time before the sharks break free from their salty sea prison. We just hope that it's not too late for GamesRadar's Shark Week to help make a real difference.


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